Framhevet bilde

8 founders become 7

There were 8 people all together that started Soil Steam International in February 2016. All men. When so many different personalities work very close and very much together there will be conflicts...
Framhevet bilde

Winner of European Venture Contest in Dusseldorf

SoilSteam is winner of European Venture Contest!..
Framhevet bilde

Winner of Gründerprisen i Vestfold

SSI are winning the startup prize in Vestfold. It is a great pleasure..
Framhevet bilde

Landtek October 2018

Soil Steam is prested at Landtek 2018.
Framhevet bilde

World AgriTech in London

Soil Steam on the stage talking about future agriculture during World Agri-Tech in London..
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New challenge for Soil Steam International AS

Can the technology from Soilsteam help big companies like Vegvesenet and Banenor?
Framhevet bilde

Meeting with the Minister og agriculture

Today we had a meeting with the Norwegian minister og agriculture to discuss sustainable agriculture..
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Knaskerøtter improves harvest by 44%

Knaskerøtter improves harvest by 44% on the steamed soil!!
Framhevet bilde

Summer 2018 First Investors

Read what happened when Trond Riiber Knudsen and some other investors joined SSI...
Framhevet bilde

No weed and larger harvest at Lier Grønt!

Here you can see pictures from Lier Grønt were we steamed the soil this spring. You can clearly see the difference between the steamed and the not steamed soil

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