About the fund

Grofondet’s fund of 100 MNOK was created by Gartnerhallen SA, BAMA Eiendom AS and NorgesGruppen ASA. Project funding is grated at approximately 10 MNOK per year, and the focus areas are:

  • Increated value creation from production in a sustainable way
  • Increased consumption of Norwegian fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes
  • Increased visibility of the value chains role for society and the bioeconomics

Support for the following types of projects can be given:

  • Around 50% to R&D including doctorial stipents. R&D projects that include several parts of the value chain will be highly prioritized. Grofondet is to be regarded as private funds, and it’s a goal that R&D funds from Grofondet will trigger further public funding.
  • Around 50% for development projects initiated in the value chain (producers, producer groups, packers) including guidance, consulting and networking. Product development and production development within the value chain that can create added value in existing or new products or new applications will be prioritized.
  • Around 10% for competence raising. Scholarships for relevant Master’s Degree Programs for the green industry at recognized schools in Norway and internationally. Contribution to continued education and recruitment in the value chain in the green industry is also within the purpose.
  • There is no support for investments, except where this is necessary for carrying out R&D projects.

Applications will be treated confidentially, but all applications granted funds will be published.