Soil Steam International AS is running an extremely important project. The company might radically change the way we make food. These are large and advanced machines that are expensive to develop. The final commercial machine will be ready during Q4 2019.


Soil Steam International AS is the first company in the world that manage to fight weeds, fungi and nematodes in open-air soils without the use of chemicals.

The company has developed a complex machine with advanced software. The technology is patented with 2 patents. A third patent will be added in Q3 2019.

The company’s original founders (farmers) still control more than 50 % of the shares in the company. The last 50% is controlled by handpicked resourceful people and investors. This includes mechanics with our own mechanical workshop, engineers, 3D technicians, software developers, and economists. The company’s owners have with this knowledge of everything the company needs to complete a commercial, marketable machine and to bring out in the market.

We are working to find industrial partners who can license machines for us and also assist in sales and distribution.

If you want to support us or have questions regarding our work, please send us a mail!