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SoilSteam FieldSaver™

Our mobile unit is designed for use in glasshouses or in open fields.


A state-of-the-art machine designed for minimal operator intervention and high fuel efficiency

– Flexible, autonomous steam carrier made for 24/7 operations
– Designed for glass houses, raised beds or open fields
– High efficiency steam injection reducing energy consumption
– Working depth of 0-300 mm
– Coverage of 100sq m – 1000sq m per hour
– Automatic steaming to desired temperature profile
– Detailed geo-referenced log of machine and soil parameters
– Precision navigation using high accuracy GPS
– Water consumption up to 2000 liters per hour
– Fuel consumption (with diesel) up to 180 liters per hour

What we have seen from previous prototypes and tests:

Soil steaming is a sustainable method of treating soil diseases and weeds (incl. seed bank) using steam water only, retaining biodiversity and soil health.

Significant yield increase for farmers (up to 330%), as steaming can treat diseases or weeds where (legal) chemicals have low or no effect.

Increased shelf life of fruits and vegetables after harvesting, as steaming removes fungi normally reducing storage time.

Proven technology, with steam having 100+ years of history as a solution for weed and disease control.

For information about our stationary SoilSaver ™unit please see: SoilSteam SoilSaver™



"The technology from SoilSteam is the future of modern agriculture. It secures good harvests without need for chemicals."

Øystein Fredriksen, Carrot Farmer, Tromøya norway

Oddbjørn Bergem

"I have been a CEO for companies for the last 20 years. I have never been working in a more important company than this. Do not take soil for granted."

Oddbjørn Bergem, CEO SoilSteam

Steven Fennimore

"The steam technology from Soilsteam could provide an alternative to chemical fumigants for berry production.”

Ph. D. Steven Fennimore, UC Davis

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