Our machines

Soil Steam International AS uses a patented technology that allows us to heat up soil carefully by using steam and nothing else. We only heat up the soil as much as we must do in order to eradicate the weed, seeds, fungus and the harmful pathogens in the soil.

We make 2 different kinds of machines using the same technology.
The first one is for steaming the soil out in the open field. It is a belt-driven unit that goes over the field and heats up the soil on the ground. We might get the steam 30 cm deep in the soil, which is important to make the treatment long-lasting. By working the soil this deep, the farmer can plow this soil later on without bringing new seeds or fungus from the deeper ground. The machine has a capacity of doing from 600 m2 up to 1500 m2 per hour depending on the temperature and moisture in the soil as well as how deep you want to steam.

We also make a stationary version. This is a very important machine in order to prevent soil from being degraded. This machine is typically used on the masses that are taken out when roads, railroads and houses are built. When this soil is treated with our technology, it can be reused as farmland instead of left fallow.

Are you curious?

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