Soil Steam International AS produces machines that steam the ground 30 cm down. This means we can guarantee that we will kill between 90 and 100% of all weeds (seeds), fungi and nematodes in the soil.  Our machine does not kill the worms in the ground. We have documented that the worms escape deeper into the ground when our steam machines come. Therefore you will not find any dead worms in steamed soil from Soil Steam International AS.

The machine has a capacity of doing from 600 m2 up to 1500 m2 per hour depending on the temperature and moisture in the soil as well as how deep you want to steam.

We also make stationary machines to prevent soil from being degraded. These machines are typically used on the masses that are taken out when roads and buildings are built. If this soil is treated with our technology, the soil can be reused as farmland instead of left fallow.