The results of soil steaming – some examples

Experience shows superior growth in steamed soil.

Left: Steamed / Right: Pesticides
Left: Pesticides / Right: Steamed
Left: Steamed soil from SoilSaver™. Right: Unsteamed soil.
Test that shows how our steaming work on fighting Giant Hogweed (Kjempebjørnekjeks, Heracleum mantegazzianum).This is an Invasive Alien Species that makes large problems in the north of Europe. There is no life in the steamed soil while it grows fine in the control.
This is an interesting picture from a place we did a test. You can see the 5-meter-wide stripe we steamed. There is no weed in that part, while there is totally green on both sides (weeds) At the start of the stripe you can see that the farmer has crossed the steamed stripe with his tractor. You can see how his wheels have polluted the steamed stripe only by the wheels crossing the steamed part. This is a very good illustration of how easily weeds are spreading. The seeds are everywhere and they can spread by wheels, animals, or a man’s boots.
This is another great photo showing the power of steam. The farmer had severe weed problems in a field growing parsnips. In this trial part of the field was steamed (left), part of the field was treated with pesticides and steam (middle), and part of the field was treated with pesticides only (right). It should be noted that the farmer used pesticide doses that where higher than recommended. At the end of the season, the farmer had a 330% higher yield in the steamed part compared to the part treated with pesticides. A yield increase of 180% was estimated from the steamed area compared to a normal parsnip yield in a healthy field.