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Use steam as an alternative to
chemicals to clean the soil

Use steam as an alternative to chemicals to clean the soil

Why steam?
Steam has been used for fighting weed in agriculture for more than 100 years. It is also very efficient fighting fungi and nematodes. Steam was a well-known solution until the chemicals got on the market in the 50ties. Chemicals is not part of a sustainable future. Steam is. By using steam, we fight the weed, seeds, fungi and nematodes and leave most of the good organisms. It is sustainable and makes it possible to get healthy soil without using any chemicals.
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3 farmers began to experiment…
3 farmers began
to experiment…
At the end of the 1990s, 3 farmers began to experiment with steam as an alternative to chemicals to clean the soil for weeds, fungi and nematodes. The first machine was completed in 1996. It was difficult to use, primitive and not very effective.
The machine documented what the 3 farmers had hoped for; they could document that their technology were effective in fighting harmful organisms in the soil only by means of water vapor. No one had done this before.
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Mobile unit: Soilprep2020
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The awareness around pesticides and herbicides and chemicals in general has increased all around the world for many years now. The world wants to get away from chemicals and go back to sustainable way of making our food. Therefore, we need other ways of removing weed, seeds, fungi and nematodes in the soil. Steam is one out of very few alternatives that are capable of fighting this. Soilsteaming gives the farmers the possibilities to remove all pests and weed without any use of chemicals. This is a very powerful tool that lasts for many years and makes it possible to harvest nutritious food without any use of chemicals. This is game changing.

Our mobile unit is called Soilprep2020. It is meant for use in farms or in glass houses. It can heat up the soil down to 30 cm deep. It has a capacity to cover from 500 m2 to 1500 m2 per hour depending on the depth you want to steam, the temperature in the soil, the moisture and the type of soil. By using the Soilprep2020 we have proven that harvest might increase up to 50 % without using any pesticides or herbicides. Many vegetables also increase storage time.
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Stationary unit: Gaia
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To understand the need of our stationary machine you have to know about alien species. Alien species are species that occur outside their natural range and dispersal potential. Alien species are spread by human activity, intended or unintended, to new areas. This might have a dramatic impact on the species that already lives naturally there and, in many cases, alien species has totally taken over for the life that originally was there. Aliens species might be insects, mussels, fish, animals or plants. The cost of fighting these ailien species was in UK 1,6 billion EUR (2013) and the cost is growing all around the world, every year. The biggest group of ailien species are plants. Therefore, todays practice is that soil that must be moved (because of construction, building of road or railroad) are classified as polluted very often, even though the soil could be of top quality otherwise. Polluted soil are treated as garbage and taken out.

Our technology makes it possible to fight these alien spieces. This means that you can feed soil polluted with alien species (weed and seeds), fungi and nematodes into our machine and our technology will make sure that the soil is heated up to correct temperature and kept there for enough time to remove the population completely. When this is done, the soil can be put back in the field (or any other place) and do longer has to be taken a way to an approved depot. The capacity of our machine is between 30 and 100 m3 soil per hour depending on soil quality, temperature and moisture.
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Soil Steaming
reduces food waste
The use of pesticides MUST be reduced. At the same time, farmers must continue to produce food in a sustainable manner. This sounds like a paradox, but not much longer. Our technology has proven to be very effective in fighting all weed, seeds, fungi and nematodes in the soil, the vegetables get less competition for nutrition, water and sunlight, and you get up to 50 % larger crop. Many vegetables can also be stored much longer. This means that in many cases you can produce more and healthier food, at a lower cost. Soil Steaming reduces food waste.

Steaming of the soil gives up to 50 % more growth, and some vegetables can be stored for up to 6 months longer. This means more food per m2 and less food waste.
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