Clean Soil. No pesticides.

* 100% longer storage time
* 50% larger harvest

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Farmers have been steaming soil for more than 100 years. Soil Steam International AS is the first company in the world that has managed to steam soil up to 30 cm deep in the field in a sustainable and efficient way!

50% more growth

Steaming of the soil gives up to 50% more growth, and some vegetables can be stored for up to 6 months longer. This means that soil steaming can avoid that more than 10.000 tonnes of carrots being wasted in Norway every year, and millions of tons worldwide…. every year…

1 billion starve

1 billion people in the world are starving. By 2050, the world population has increased to 9 billion people, and we need 60% more food. Our technology makes it possible to make more food with longer storage time, using less pesticides.

About us

At the end of the 1990s, 3 farmers began to experiment with steam as an alternative to chemicals to clean the soil for weeds, fungi and nematodes. The first machine was completed in 1996. It was difficult to use, primitive and not very effective. The machine documented what the 3 farmers had hoped for; they could document that their method killed all harmful organisms in the soil only by means of water vapor. No one had done this before. This machine was called Soilprep 1.

More than 20 years later, the machine has been modernized and tested a number of times. The long-term testing and improvement process is approaching the end and the goal is to deliver the first machine to the first customer at the beginning of 2020.

This technology will change the world. We are going to deliver both stationary and mobile units for deep steaming of soil in a sustainable way. We are preparing our equipment to reach between 600-1000 m3 per hour on 30 cm dept (180-300 m3)

The use of soil steaming allows you to produce a variety of berries, fruits, flowers and vegetables with much less use of pesticides. In addition, the crop will increase and many vegetables can be stored up to 6 months longer.

During 2019, the first commercial machine will be ready for the market.

Hans Kristian Westrum, CEO, Sales and Marketing Manager

Roy Stensgaard, Mechanic Responsible
Arvid Laksesvela, Profession Manager
Cornelis Arnoldussen, CTO
Finn Limseth, Technical Engineer

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Steve Fennimore Ph.D.
Extension Specialist,University of California, Davis
Soil Steam

If Soil Steam International AS manages to treat 1 daa per hour (30 cm deep), it will be a game changer in modern agriculture

Norwegian farmer Martin Sørum and Lier Grønt AS