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Use steam as an alternative to chemicals to clean the soil

And at Soil Steam, we’re finding ways to take better care of it.

Clean soil. No chemicals.
By restoring health to soil, we can restore soil to health.

Healthy soil gives us healthy crops, healthy food and a healthy planet.
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We’re here on a mission to make soil healthier. To present alternatives to the unsustainable soil management practices that degrade and devalue this valuable, essential resource.
Perfecting the solution has taken us more than 20 years. But now we’ve developed and refined alternative technologies for use in agriculture, horticulture, food production, construction and engineering.

These are novel technologies, offering – for the first time – truly sustainable soil management practices. Representing the start of a new approach to soil health, we think this is the most exciting news to happen to soil management in years.
Soil is the most precious asset on our planet. Together, we can protect it.
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Oddbjørn Bergem

Oddbjørn Bergem


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Hans Kristian Westrum


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Adel Samiei


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Marianne Strom

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Ben Guren

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