Soil Steam International AS is a Norwegian agri-tech company that originally were started by 3 farmers in the 1990-ies. Today 2 of the farmers are still active in the advisory board, and the son of the last farmer is CEO of the company. Since 2016 the company has been run as a professional technology company and are growing fast.

This blog will mainly describe what happens in a technology startup like ours. We will post everything from day to day work to big brake trues and even when things are not so good. This blog is about a small Norwegian company that thinks they can make the world a better place by replacing chemicals with steam from water. Steamed. Not sprayed.

Soil Steam trials at Nibio in Norway (photo:

Documentation of our technology

Soil Steam International AS is one of the first companies in the world which develops eqipment for pasturizing soil and therefore fight weeds and seeds in a non-chemical way. Since there are noone that has made this kind of equipment before, we also have to document what we are doing (and not doing). We have


16/09/2020, Soil Steam

Soil Steam trials at Nibio in Norway (photo:

Documentation of our technology

Soil Steam International AS is one of the first companies in the world which develops eqipment for pasturizing soil and therefore fight weeds and seeds in a non-chemical way. Since there are noone that has made this kind of equipment before, we also have to document what we are doing (and not doing). We have

03/08/2020, Tobias Glemming

Customer testimonial

Last year we treated a carrot field in Arendal which had nematode problems. After harvesting this year, you can read the statement from our customer and his experience with Soil Steam International. This is the kind of feedback which motivates us to keep working hard for sustainable agricultural production: In the fall of 2019, I

13/07/2020, Soil Steam

New great results and documentation on our technology

Last fall we were steaming to the carrot producer Øystein Fredriksen at Tromøya in Norway. Because of limitation in available soil it is very difficult for him to keep up with crop rotation, and because of this, he has a problem with Nematodes. On the picture under you can see what nematodes cause in carrots.

17/06/2020, Soil Steam

Soil Steam selected to the top 50 impact companies in the Nordics.

We have been selected Nordic Top 50 Impact Companies by @The One Initiative as one of the 50 most promising impact startups in the region. We will match us with 200 investors and other business opportunities at Nordic Impact Business Summit 17 September in Copenhagen. See all of the 50 companies here:

20/05/2020, Soil Steam

Soil Steam International AS is opening in California

Wow. This is a big milestone in the Soil Steam history. We have been working closely with Ph. D. Steven Fennimore from UC Davis and many important nurseries and berry producers in California since 2017. After Hans Kristian (our CEO) was visiting California and traveled around there for 10 days in February this year, there

15/04/2020, Soil Steam

FAO: Healthy soil provide the largest store of carbon on earth.. In the fall of 2018, we were contacted by Nibio and asked if it was possible to use our technology to prevent soil from being degraded. The truth is that there is enormous amounts of soil being degraded every year, and that more than 30% of all productive soil so far has been degraded.

08/04/2020, Soil Steam

New website, new logo and blog!

New logo, new website and blog! Happy easter!

23/02/2020, Soil Steam

Visite Ph. D. Steven Fennimore and partners in California

USA journey 2020. It feels fantastic to visite California and meet some of the biggest companies in the world and the berry industry that needs our technology.

08/12/2019, Hans Kristian Westrum

SSI invited to keep a presentation on Agciscape in Abu Dhabi

SSI invited as 1 out of 3 European Agri tech start ups for presenting in Abu Dhabi agriculture conference.

08/11/2019, Soil Steam

Winner of Innovation Price Norsk Avfall

SSI wins new price for the new stationary machine we are developing!

19/09/2019, Soil Steam

NRK with article about SSI will save the soil in the world..

Article about SSI at NRK..

08/02/2019, Soil Steam

8 founders become 7

There were 8 people all together that started Soil Steam International in February 2016. All men. When so many different personalities work very close and very much together there will be conflicts…

08/12/2018, Soil Steam

Winner of European Venture Contest in Dusseldorf

SoilSteam is winner of European Venture Contest!..

30/11/2018, Soil Steam

Winner of Gründerprisen i Vestfold

SSI are winning the startup prize in Vestfold. It is a great pleasure..

07/11/2018, Soil Steam

Landtek October 2018

Soil Steam is prested at Landtek 2018.

26/10/2018, Soil Steam

World AgriTech in London

Soil Steam on the stage talking about future agriculture during World Agri-Tech in London..

08/10/2018, Soil Steam

New challenge for Soil Steam International AS

Can the technology from Soilsteam help big companies like Vegvesenet and Banenor?

07/10/2018, Soil Steam

Meeting with the Minister og agriculture

Today we had a meeting with the Norwegian minister og agriculture to discuss sustainable agriculture..

07/09/2018, Soil Steam

Knaskerøtter improves harvest by 44%

Knaskerøtter improves harvest by 44% on the steamed soil!!

07/08/2018, Soil Steam

Summer 2018 First Investors

Read what happened when Trond Riiber Knudsen and some other investors joined SSI…

17/07/2018, Soil Steam

No weed and larger harvest at Lier Grønt!

Here you can see pictures from Lier Grønt were we steamed the soil this spring. You can clearly see the difference between the steamed and the not steamed soil

12/06/2018, Soil Steam

June 2018 European Venture Contest Viborg

In the same time as my colleagues are working in the field I got an invitation to a contest in Viborg. It is a contest where European investors are seeking the most promising start ups in Europe.

07/05/2018, Soil Steam

May 2018 – FAO (UN) soil conference in Rome

A small start up company is inivted to keep a speach in FAO… Read more about it here..

07/03/2018, Soil Steam

USA trip to visite Professor Fennimore and his partners

It is a big moment for us to be invited to meet some of the biggest berry growers in the world. Read more about our trip here..

02/02/2018, Soil Steam

Winner of Landbrukets Innovasjonspris 2017, january 2018

It is a great recognition for the work we have done when we now first were nominated and then later won this price.

07/01/2018, Soil Steam

New spesialist involves in Soil Steam..

Do you remember we wrote about the cybernetic company Idcon and Cornelis Arnoldussen? He is responsible for the technology including AI and data collection of our machines

20/12/2017, Soil Steam

Seal of Excelence from Horizon (EU)

Horizon is the name of the biggest EU contribution for European companies. This is a place where good ideas can get money for development of their great ideas. It is several thousand companies and ideas that competes for this funding. It is extremely difficult to get funding, but the best ones get up to EUR 2,5 million.

07/12/2017, Soil Steam

Winner of Innovation Prize Sandefjord

In the end of 2017 we won an other prize for our work. Sandefjord Nærginslivsforening has chosen us as the winner ot his year innovation prize in competition with great innovative companies such as Jotun and Grans. We are very humble and honored. Thank you!

02/11/2017, Soil Steam

Visit from Ph. D. Steven Fennimore from UC Davis, California.

The demonstration that we did in both Norway and Germany during the summer of 2017 showed that we still had some way to go, but in the same time we were capable of getting the steam deep enough in the soil and faster and more effective than anyone else.

17/07/2017, Soil Steam

16 july 2017: Soilprep400 in Germany

Soilprep400 is a big machine and we have already seen that it probably is too big (Even the people which came from USA to watch our equipment in Germany thought it was too small !!).

20/05/2017, Soil Steam

May 2017: Soilprep400 in the field at Knaskerøtter.

After several thousand hours of work in 4 months, a tired soil steam team is ready to start testing with Tor Fuglestein and Knaskerøtter in Kvelde, Norway.

11/04/2017, Soil Steam

Building of the soilprep400 automatic soil steamer

Our market research was that we knew from year of experience from the farmers that there was a need and a wish from the farmers to be able to control weeds, fungi and nematodes in the soil by other solutions than chemicals.

16/01/2017, Soil Steam

Introduced to Idcon and Mr. Cornelis Arnoldussen

When you build a complete machine from the bottom you need several different people involved. You need the economics in order to figure out how much and where to get the money.

23/02/2016, Soil Steam

23.02.2016 – Registration of the company

Today Soil Steam International AS is registered. It has been a long journey before we got here, but now we were finally here and ready to register the company

14/10/2015, Soil Steam

Fall 2015

Hans Kristian called up Arvid and Olav the morning after the conversation with Eva-Lena.

08/06/2015, Soil Steam

The paradoxes in life

In the fall 2015 Hans Kristian Westrum and his wife Eva-Lena are talking about the paradoxes in life. Her father is about to retire, and he is one of the best welders in Sweden, Responsible for the work on welding in companies like Rolls Royce etc.

07/04/2015, Hans Kristian Westrum

The history behind Soil Steam International AS

Even though Soil Steam International AS was established in February 2016, this story starts a long time before that. Kjell Westrum, Arvid Laksesvela and Olav Wirgenes were all farmers and were running their own farms.

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