The awareness around pesticides and herbicides and chemicals in general has increased all around the world for many years now. The world wants to get away from chemicals and go back to sustainable way of making our food. Therefore, we need other ways of removing weed, seeds, fungi and nematodes in the soil.

Steam is one out of very few alternatives that are capable of fighting this. Soilsteaming gives the farmers the possibilities to remove all pests and weed without any use of chemicals. This is a very powerful tool that lasts for many years and makes it possible to harvest nutritious food without any use of chemicals. This is game changing.

Mobile Unit: Soilprep2020

Our mobile unit is called Soilprep2020. It is meant for use in farms or in glass houses. It can heat up the soil down to 30 cm deep. It has a capacity to cover from 250m2 to 600 m2 per hour depending on the depth you want to steam, the temperature in the soil, the moisture and the type of soil.

By using the Soilprep2020 we have proven that harvest might increase up to 74 % without using any pesticides or herbicides. Many vegetables also increase the storage time.


Stationary Unit: Gaia

Our technology makes it possible to fight alien species. This means that you can feed soil polluted with alien species (weed and seeds), fungi and nematodes into our machine and our technology will make sure that the soil is heated up to the correct temperature and kept there for enough time to remove the population completely. When this is done, the soil can be put back in the field (or any other place) and no longer has to be taken away to an approved depot. The capacity of our machine is between 20 and 50 m3 soil per hour depending on soil quality, temperature and moisture.

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