Because actions speak louder than words…

At Soil Steam, we firmly believe that we can restore health to soil, using sustainable soil management practices, without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Clean soil, no chemicals.

Soil steaming provides the means with which to remove all pests and weeds from the soil.

And we’ve not just proved the science, but we’ve built the machines to deliver it.

Currently we have two machine models: one mobile, one stationary.

Our soil steaming services

Want to bring all the benefits of soil steaming to your farm or business?

Soil Steam’s mobile machines will go into operation during 2021, but they won’t be available to buy. Instead, we’re providing customers with a managed contract service – ‘Steaming as a Service’ (StaaS) – to ensure the best possible results for customers. This way, we’ll take care of the whole process, ensuring total quality control and carefully managed procedures – meaning you’ll always benefit from our unique understanding of how steam works in the soil.

Interested in using Gaia, our stationary unit? The first production unit is currently in operation with a pilot customer here in Norway, and we’ll soon publish further results from that programme. But tell us more about your situation – we’d love to hear why Gaia’s soil-cleaning abilities interest you – and we’ll let you know when there’s a Gaia unit available to restore health to your soils.

Mobile Unit: Soil Steam M20

Our mobile unit is designed for use in glasshouses or in open fields.

– Working depth of 10-30cm
– Heats soil to 75ºC
– Coverage of 200sq m – 600sq m per hour (depending on depth, soil type, temperature and soil moisture)

In trials, Soil Steam M20 has delivered yield increases of up to 74% in the absence of crop protection products such as herbicides. Increased storage life has also been observed.


Stationary Unit: Soil Steam S20

Soil Steam S20 is our stationary soil steaming unit. Our contribution to the fight against invasive alien species such as Japanese Knotweed, Gaia represents the first commercially viable technology that makes contaminated soil available for re-use.

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