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This is the story behind SoilSteam

Our ambitions are high – Meet the Soil Team

SoilSteam is growing – so is the team. In recent years, we have gone from being a small entrepreneurial company, with co-founder Hans Kristian Westrum at the helm, to becoming a large, professional team with experts in all our fields of expertise. Committed people who are passionate about making a difference.

Want to join us in making a difference? There is a meaningful and interesting job waiting for you. The solution is here, we are growing fast and need more qualified and enthusiastic people on our team. Read more.

Our History

Our story starts in the mid 1990s, when three Norwegian farmers started to experiment with soil steaming.

Developed in the late nineteenth century, soil steaming is – at this time – a largely forgotten practice. Many people think this trio was somewhat eccentric – after all, isn’t anything to do with steam an obsolete technology, like a steam-powered railway locomotive? Their first machine was completed in 1996. It was primitive and not easy-to-use. It didn’t even work very well. But it DID work.

In fact, it worked well enough to provide those three farmers with the proof, conviction, and encouragement they needed to pursue their objective: a modern, environmentally friendly soil management process that can remove all harmful organisms from the soil, by using steam alone.

Today, the company’s founders – those three original farmers – control almost 30% of the shares in SoilSteam. The remaining 70% is held by resourceful individuals and investors who see the larger value of providing a sustainable change to soil management practices. It is also held by our employees: mechanics in our workshop, our ingenious engineers, fast-thinking 3D technicians, inspired software developers, and well-informed economists.

Together, this team allows SoilSteam to complete the development and bring our machines to market.

Clean soil. No chemicals.