Soil Steaming
reduces food waste

The use of pesticides MUST be reduced. At the same time, farmers must continue to produce food in a sustainable manner. This sounds like a paradox, but not much longer. Our technology has proven to be very effective in fighting all weed, seeds, fungi and nematodes in the soil, the vegetables get less competition for nutrition, water and sunlight, and you get up to 50 % larger crop.

Many vegetables can also be stored much longer. This means that in many cases you can produce more and healthier food, at a lower cost. Soil Steaming reduces food waste. Steaming of the soil gives up to 50 % more growth, and some vegetables can be stored for up to 6 months longer. This means more food per m2 and less food waste.


Microbial Populations and Enzyme Activities in Soils Fumigated with Methyl Bromide Alternatives

Methyl bromide (MeBr; CH 3 Br) use for soil fumigation will be banned in 2005 due to its ozone depleting properties.

Heat treatment of soil for plant propagation

Using heat to eradicate soil-borne plant pathogens from nursery potting media ("soil sterilization")

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