Customer testimonial

Last year we treated a carrot field in Arendal which had nematode problems. After harvesting this year, you can read the statement from our customer and his experience with Soil Steam International. This is the kind of feedback which motivates us to keep working hard for sustainable agricultural production:

In the fall of 2019, I got the chance to deep steam my soil with the equipment from Soil Steam International AS in a field where I had problems with nematodes for years. After harvesting in this field this summer I have got amazing results. In the area where I had been steaming I harvested 73 boxes of carrots, while on the same field size which was not treated next to this, I got 42 boxes. This gave me a 74 % larger harvest in the steamed area and is a large contributor to my good results this season. I look forward to seeing if I will get the same results next year! This is a game-changer and the future of sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Øystein Fredriksen, Carrot grower.

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