Documentation of our technology

Soil Steam International AS is one of the first companies in the world which develops equipment for pasteurizing soil and therefore fight weeds and seeds in a non-chemical way. Since there is no one that has made this kind of equipment before, we also have to document what we are doing (and not doing). We have already done several tests and demonstrations with farmers, but we also need to document the results of our steam treatment from a scientific perspective. Therefore we have been working closely with @Nibio for a long time. In fact, Nibio was involved in the documentation of the first prototype that some of the Soilsteam founders made in early 2000.

By doing these tests we want to show that Soil Steaming can fight and control all kinds of weeds in the soil. This might have a big influence on the need for degrading soil in the future. Our hope is that all kinds of contractors in the future can use soil steam technology instead of degrading soil when finding alien invasive species in the soil. This will be less expensive for the contractors at the same time as it will be sustainable. We think that the stationary machine “Gaia” will play an important role in the process of degrading less soil in the future. The world needs all soil to be fertile and healthy.

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