The paradoxes in life

In the fall 2015 Hans Kristian Westrum and his wife Eva-Lena are talking about the paradoxes in life. Her father is about to retire, and he is one of the best welders in Sweden, Responsible for the work on welding in companies like Rolls Royce etc. Now he is going to retire, and Rolls Royce have a hard time to replace him. It is a paradox that when people are on the top of their career and have all the experience and knowledge in the world and then they are retired. New people will have the spend their entire life to get the same wisdom as a guy like this. Her father deserves the retirement like everyone else after a life of hard work, but anyway it is somewhat ironic.

Suddenly Eva-Lena says that this is the same thing as was happening with the soilsteam project. You guys spent so much time and energy on that project for several years. You collected so much knowledge and data, and then everything stopped when your father, Kjell, got ill and died. At this time the 4 of you had a concept that were able to steam soil and replace pesticides. It was a long way to go in order to make this a commercial machine, but still.  This was more than 2 years after everything had stopped. Already now, much of the knowledge we had was about to be forgotten. It would take many years for a new group of enthusiasts to be able to get the same knowledge as the 3 remaining soilsteamers had. We could not let this happen. It was too important. The next day Hans Kristian called up Arvid and Olav and asked them if they were interested in starting up the project again.


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