Knaskerøtter improves harvest by 44%

When the 3 farmers started to work on this steam project almost 20 years ago, they did it because they had problems with weed, fungi and nematodes which had no efficient treatment. They had no idea that soil steaming also could give better crop. In the field where we were steaming at Knaskerøtter, we found almost unbelievable results. On the field that we had been steaming, they got more than 40% bigger harvest, than on the not steamed part of the field. This is a big brake thru! If grower can get this big increase in harvest, in the same time as he can reduce the use of pesticides, we are all better off. The farmer can make more profit, the air, soil and water are less exposed to chemicals and you and I get healthier vegetables, fruit and berries… Our concept works. Soil steaming is extremely powerful and give lots of positive effects. Now we must continue to optimize the technology and make it fast and effective and the machines easy to handle by farmers all around the world. It is still a lot of work to be done, but we know that we can do this and that gives a lot of new energy!!

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