Meeting with the Minister og agriculture

It is off course and honor to be invited to meet the minister of Agriculture. As a startup it shows that they are watching us and following what we are doing. For us it is important to let them know what they can do to help us. As a small startup company in Norway it is not easy. Even though we are world leading in something that might be a gamechanger in berry and vegetable industry we still have a lot of work to be done before we are ready for product launch.  Soil Steaming needs quite a lot energy. We must heat up water to make the steam and the steam we use to worm up the soil from around 20 degrees to around 70. Even though we have proven that the CO2 footprint is lower than traditional farming for many crops, the price for soilsteaming is relatively high. The Norwegian government are subsidizing organic farmers. We want them to subsidize farmers who wants to steam their soil in the same way.. The minister thinks it is very interesting what we are doing. Hopefully they will remember us when they make new budgets for Norwegian agriculture next year.

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