Soil Steam goes to Spain

When winter came to Norway, we travelled to warmer regions. We loaded our machine onto a truck and drove to Spain. There, we steamed soil for several customers, testing different locations, areas, soil types and produce.

We spent one day steaming each location so we could test as much as possible – both for our customers’ benefit and for our own learning. We steamed at eight different locations for four different customers, two vegetable producers and two berry producers. Facing ever more restrictions on pesticides and increasing problems with diseases and pests, they welcomed us warmly. We took samples before and after steaming, and the crops will be registered. Now, all we can do is sit back and wait impatiently for the results!

We encountered both expected and unexpected problems along the way – some of which we have solved, and some of which we have learned from. For example, Spain’s water quality is very different to Norway’s, which posed some challenges related to steaming. The soil types are also different from those we’re used to, so this was an opportunity for both the machine and the crew to try something new!

We’ll take these experiences with us as we develop the machine further, and we look forward to telling you about the results after the end of the season.

Babyleaf in greenhouse, not steamed on the left, steamed on the right.
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