23.02.2016 – Registration of the company

Today Soil Steam International AS is registered. It has been a long journey before we got here, but now we were finally here and ready to register the company

The people who were invited to join the company and were in the participating in the meeting on the 23rd of February, had been working the get simple proof of concept on how the technology from the 3 farmers worked already since the fall of 2015. Now they were convinced that they could make this machine better than the last prototype and hopefully good enough and fast enough to be able to sell it. The people that joined in the meeting was: Arvid Laskesvela (original founder and farmer), Olav Wirgenes (original founder farmer), Hans Kristian Westrum (son of original founder Kjell Westrum and working close with the farmers for several years, Educated in economics and entrepreneur in many companies), Kåre Jan Johansen (Mechanic with own workshop), Finn Limseth (engineer and entrepreneur), Rune Østigård (expert in modeling tools), Roy Steensgård (Engineer and Entrepreneur), Sigurd Stokke (economist). We decided to raise the necessary capital of NOK 100.000 and start up the company. Kåre Jan Johansen should be the CEO and Hans Kristian Westrum should be the chairman.

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