SoilSteam’s technology recommended in new report for road construction in Europe.

In September 2023, CEDR launched a “Guideline for soil management in road projects.” This is a guide in which many of the largest road builders from 29 countries in Europe participate. This includes organizations such as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Norway), The Swedish Transport Administration (Sweden), National Highways (UK), The Finnish Transport Agency (Finland), and The Danish Road Directorate (Denmark). This guideline is an important tool when these road builders choose solutions for their projects in the coming years.

Picture 1: In a new report from CEDR SoilSteam is recommended as a reliable solution for recycling soil in road projects

SoilSteam’s technology for steam treatment of biologically infected soil is highlighted as a good alternative to the removal and disposal of soil masses. Managing Director of SoilSteam, Oddbjørn Bergem, is pleased that the report emphasizes sustainable development: “Road construction in Europe is unfortunately a significant contributor to the degradation of valuable farmland. The fact that CEDR is now focusing on this and promoting technology and methods that preserve our farmland is very positive. From a commercial perspective, this is of course also important for SoilSteam. We have significant international ambitions with our technology, and we are constantly experiencing increasing interest from major players from both Europe and the USA. Being highlighted in such publications strengthens our position as a leading player in our field.”

Picture 2: SoilSaver is a semi-mobile machine with a capacity to treat 20 tons of soil per hour

 Using an image of the SoilSaver 20 and the cover of the report.

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