Introduced to Idcon and Mr. Cornelis Arnoldussen

When you build a complete machine from the bottom you need several different people involved. You need the economics in order to figure out how much and where to get the money. You need people that knows about hydraulics, electrics and mechanical work like welding etc. You also need people with experience that knows what you should build (our farmers) and you need to model it on a computer.  This means that everything you build must med put in a computer model software which makes it possible to test of the construction is strong enough etc. You also need a lot of money or a little money and people who would like to work a lot of hours for free. We did not have a lot of money and for 4 months we worked our asses of to build this machine. Well, we had almost everything we needed….

Except someone who could put everything into a software which tells the machine what to do. This is when we met Cornelis Arnoldussen from Idcon AS. Cornelis had, despite is young age, built several big and advanced systems for steering several machines and system. He liked the concept and in the beginning, we agreed that he was supposed to invoice our company for his hours. Soon we understood that Cornelis was a person that we wanted to be owner like us. He shared the same energy and belief of wanting to do something which sounded almost impossible. He became co-owner and the last person involved in our agri-tech start-up.

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