Winner of European Venture Contest in Dusseldorf

Earlier this year we qualified for the finale in European Venture Contest in Viborg. Now there are 100 presenting companies in Dusseldorf, Germany. 5 Danish, 3 Swedish, 2 Finnish, and 1 from Norway 😅 The Danish presenting companies have a large team of majors from both Ålborg and Viborg and pitching coaches. It must be the same kind of feeling as the smaller countries in winter sports feel when they see the Norwegian cross-country ski team arrives. Anyway; it is a great chance for us to present the companies as the jury in the finale is 100 venture capital investors. In our mind, we think that our technology should be among the winners in a contest like this. At the same time, there are so many fantastic and sustainable ideas, technologies, and companies from all around the world and you only have 10 minutes to pitch your idea. If you have a bad day it does not matter if you have the best concept. You will not be able to convince these guys that you are worth the attention. Anyway… we had a good day… and won the European Venture contest 2018 in the category food/agri-tech.

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