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Meet our FieldSaver

World-leading technology for farms, that fights harmful organisms and weeds in the soil – and saves your crops.


The solution is here!

Our SoilSteam technology uses water vapor to deep clean the soil completely without the use of chemicals. The way the FieldSaver penetrates the steam into the ground is unique in the world. Not only does this remove nematodes and weed seeds, it also lasts considerably longer than just surface steaming. The result of soilsteaming ?  Your crops are saved – completely without chemicals. The FieldSaver converts the soil to become 100% free of biological contamination. The topsoil is of the highest quality and your food production flourishes.

Easy to operate – highly efficient – autonomous

  • Flexible, autonomous steam carrier made for 24/7 operations
  • Designed for glass houses, raised beds, or open fields
  • High-efficiency steam injection reduces energy consumption
  • Working depth of 0-300 mm
  • Coverage of 100sq m – 1000sq m per hour
  • Automatic steaming to the desired temperature profile
  • Detailed geo-referenced log of machine and soil parameters
  • Precision navigation using high-accuracy GPS
  • Water consumption of up to 2000 liters per hour Fuel consumption (with diesel) of up to 180 liters per hour

The FieldSaver works! Facts.

  • Significant yield increase for farmers (up to 330%), as steaming can treat diseases or weeds where (legal) chemicals have low or no effect.
  • Increased shelf life of fruits and vegetables after harvesting, as steaming removes fungi normally reducing storage time.
  • Proven technology, with steam having 100+ years of history as a solution for weed and disease control.

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We are facing a food crisis. SoilSteam can be part of the solution. The world population grows by more than 80 million every year. We need to produce more food at the same time as much of the soil is degraded and the farmer’s tools are decreasing. It is time for a change. And now that our patented soil steaming technology has become economically viable, SoilSteam has a great opportunity to help the world in the right direction.

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