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Meet our SoilSaver

World leading technology that sterilizes soil and gives it new life.



Sterilize soil on site – easy and efficient! A unique machine which, by injecting clean water vapor into soil with invasive alien species (IAS), weeds or soil-borne diseases, sterilizes it and restores the growing environment. The machine is mobile and can be placed on construction sites, landfills or other sites with infected soil or substrate.

This is the cheapest and most effective solution for handling masses with biological contamination. With SoilSaver, you can give new life to soil lying in heaps at landfills, or you can clean the soil directly at site, for example during road development. Save unnecessary transport. SoilSaver is a mobile machine with high capacity (5-40 tons per hour), which is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to move.

Quick facts about SoilSaver™

– Capacity of 5 – 40 tons per hour depending on model
– Easy to transport following container form factor, 20 or 40 feet
– Automatic process control, ensuring correct soil temperature
– Enabled for different fuel types
– On-line monitoring, control and reporting

SoilSaver kills Japanese Knotweed and Lupins

SoilSaver™ is efficient in fighting invasive alien species such as Japanese Knotweed or Lupins. Steaming the soil using our SoilSaver makes contaminated soil available for re-use.

Sustainable solution with no chemicals

Kill weeds with steam. Soilsteaming is a sustainable method to treat soil because it uses clean water in the form of superheated vapor to kill weeds, seeds, and diseases.

Significant reduction in costs and CO2 emissions as soil no longer must be transported over long distances.

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With the SoilSaver we can clean and reuse (recycle) thousands of tons of soil directly on the construction sites. This is both sustainable and profitable for us.

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How to get started?

Don´t worry, we have thought of everything in our onboarding program or soilboarding program as we like to call it.

We help you with everything from installation to education. Smooth soiling!

The world is running out of soil. See this short video.

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