Canada Goldenrod

Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) is a perennial plant that grows tall and spreads by seeds and underground rhizomes. It spreads rapidly, especially along roads, railways, and in other areas that are not regularly maintained.

Canada Goldenrod is an alien species that was introduced from the USA to Norway as an ornamental plant in the 18th century. It is now on a list of alien species that are assessed to pose a high risk to Norwegian biodiversity. It is prohibited to import, release, or spread Canada Goldenrod according to regulations on alien species. Since the plant produces large quantities of seeds, the main goal of measures is to prevent the plants from producing seeds that can increase the seed bank in the soil. Regular mowing with a lawnmower or similar equipment is effective in preventing spread, although it will not stop regrowth. However, repeated mowing before flowering and seed formation can gradually lead to the disappearance of an occurrence.

If the plants are already flowering when mowed, they may still produce viable seeds. Therefore, the mowed plant material should be collected and dried/composted in a way that prevents seed spread. Seeds from Canada Goldenrod can easily attach to shoes, machinery, and other equipment, so it is important to be aware of this during work near occurrences. It is also important to clean the equipment after use. If possible, avoid moving soil contaminated with Canada Goldenrod, and avoid invasive plants coming into flower near soil deposits. SoilSteam has documented that both the plant and seeds from Canada Goldenrod die in SoilSaver. This means that soil masses with this species can be safely steamed and reused.

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