SoilSteam SoilSaver™

SoilSaver is designed for construction sites, food processors, soil handling companies and vertical farmers.


"Soilsteaming is both sustainable and profitable for us. We have the ambition to open more branches in more places in Norway and also outside of Norway. We look forward to continue this journey with SoilSteam."

Tormod Carlsen, Chairman Envir


"For too many years we have accepted to treat soil as dirt. It has to shift. Soil is the most valuable asset on the planet. 95% of our food comes from it. Now we have a solution to recycle it!"

Tom Inge Hole, Salesmanager soil and compost, Lindum AS

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SoilSaver™ is a unit built to be placed on construction sites, landfills or other sites with infected soil or substrate.

– Capacity of 5 – 40 tons per hour depending on model
– Easy to transport following container form factor, 20 or 40 feet
– Automatic process control, ensuring correct soil temperature
– Enabled for different fuel types
– On-line monitoring, control and reporting

What we have learned from previous prototypes and tests:

SoilSaver™ is an efficient machine for fighting of invasive alien species such as Japanese Knotweed or Lupins. It eliminate resistant problematic weeds and clean the soil from pest. It represents our first commercially viable technology that makes contaminated soil available for re-use.

Steaming enables soil circularity as it breaks the current one-way flow to landfills by treating and reusing soil with invasive species, weed or diseases. If SoilSaver is used on the site, there will be no need for the transport of masses to and from a landfill.

Soilsteaming is a sustainable method to treat soil because it only uses water and heat to kill weeds, seeds, and diseases.

Significant reduction in costs and CO2 emissions as soil no longer must be transported over long distances.

For information about our mobile unit:
SoilSteam FieldSaver


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